Minna Leinonen, composer

Wish for cello
Meeting Points for Wind Band
Toinen peili (The Other Mirror) for violin
Grass is Singing for Eb clarinet and harp
Pikkusinisiipi (A small blue) for String quartet
Piilo I-III (Hidden I-III) for alto saxophone

Here and Away for flute, clarinet, harp, piano, cello and electronics, audiovisual installation with Heta Kuchka
Meeting Points for wind band
Alma! A kinetic opera
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Sirri for viola da gamba & chamber ensemble
Kevätkesän avaruus for female voice and piano
My Personal Space for baritone saxophone
Watch Joonatan Rautiola perform My Personal Space on YouTube
Comme il faut for bandoneon
Harmaapäätikka - Grey-headed woodpecker (2012/2018) arrangement for violin and cello

Kaarne for string orchestra
Laiva on lastattu for 20 to 100 kanteles
Luvetus for solo flute and string orchestra
Kahdessa maailmassa eläjät for clarinet, saxophone, violin and piano. Multiartistic work with contortionist Methinee Wongtrakoon.
Sunken for piano solo

Varatkaa aikaa riisuutumiselle song cycle for soprano, violin and guitar
Låt mig vara - anna mun olla multiartistic work for female choir
Sea hedgehog for guitar

Vesileima miniature melodrama for reciter and piano
Hush for flute and percussion

Scatterings for orchestra
Article on Scatterings by YLE
Watch the performance of Scatterings on YLE Areena

Taikapuu miniature opera for children
Naisen muotokuva spatial work for ensemble

Äiti-iäti radiophonic work
Intreel for ensemble and electronics
Lumen for kantele and string quartet
Rarerare for sinfonietta and child audience
Harmaapäätikka (Grey-headed woodpecker) for flute and clarinet (arranged for violin and cello in 2018)
Shades for rhythmicone

Aevum for harp
Pheme for clarinet and fixed media
Intre for ensemble
Kirkas, hämärä, kirkas for guitar

Fugu miniature for Avanti!
Tähtien synty for mixed choir

Shom song cycle for female voice, accordion and audio cd
Par Préférence for organ
Clamour of Silence for accordion
Two songs II for female voice and piano
Äkäs 2 for electronics

Vicitra for recorder, tuba and two multi-effect processors
● Listen to
Vicitra on SoundCloud (performed by Eero Saunamäki & Miika Jämsä)
Äkäs for live percussion player and electronics
Irti! for Music Institute

Kriya for bassoon and piano
Two songs for female voice and accordion
Yug for bass clarinet and chamber orchestra

2006 Kha for orchestra
2005 Euterpe for flute solo (rev. 2007)
2004 Kuolleet vedet and Tyhjät polut for mezzo soprano and piano
2001 Three capriccios for wind quintet; String quartet