Kevätkesän avaruus started from poet Suvi Nuotio´s suggestion to collaborate. When winter´s long darkness was giving way to spring we wanted to try to catch a moment of glow into this lied. Kevätkesän avaruus won 1st prize in Majaoja Foundation´s lied competition in 2018.

Jury´s comments on work:

Minna Leinonen´s Kevätkesän avaruus builds delicate musical moments by subtle and expressive ways. Vocal line is grateful to sing and piano part resonates exceptionally beautifully. Words and melody are in nourishing interplay with each other – music calls to stay with poem and vice versa.

Suvi Nuotio´s poem has a hue of experimentality and a lot of light. Poem is timed with repeating elements but it is also charmingly scattered and splashes like northern summer night´s eternal shine. Poem has plenty of joy of the bright season but also questions and suspicions which brings contrast to poem´s overwhelmed brightness. Questions of darkness creates tension into poem´s delight and simultaneuously adds its attractiveness.