Grass is singing

The most unique and captivating sonic phenomenon I have ever heard was the sound of grass freezing in the late autumn many years ago. It was a weird, amazingly loud noise and at first I didnĀ“t realize where it came from. It was like gnomes hissing in the ground, very magical moment which lasted almost an hour. Since then I have tried to find the right instruments to imitate this sound that was captured in my mind for years. The duo of the piccolo clarinet and the harp was the combination I had been waiting for.

Composing is always related to the time being and the culture we live in.

Grass is singing also refers to the novel by Doris Lessing the topic of which is still current. When composing this piece, the grassroots movement Black Lives Matter's protests were larger than ever before.

In Grass is singing I was intrigued by the union and by the independence of these two seemingly different instruments.